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T9 Facilities Private Limited

T9 Facilities has been our partner since the beginning. We redesigned T9's website in 2022 using Wix's built-in features to develop all the required functionalities. We also added external integrations to allow T9's staff to communicate with its customers. To date, our website and Wix's immersive backend system serves to more than >100 employees at T9.

Urbanly Sus Draft[8408].jpg

Urbanly Sustainables

Urbanly Sustainables has been our client since 2020. Besides the creation of their website using ECWID, we had also design the banners (as seen above) which were used in both Facebook Advertisements and on their very own site. Urbanly Sustainables, coming in as a newly fledged freelance business presented a very low budget with high expectations. Thankfully, our solutions met what they needed perfectly.

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